Installation for group show “Speculative Properties”, June 2023

Ira Hadžić
OPERATION DEEP LISTENING - architectural score for listening and moving 

OPERATION DEEP LISTENING is centered around one of the most archaic and, today, most endangered human abilities: the capacity to listen.
The installation, a set of written, bilingual instruction scores, offers a playground for the visitors to immerse into listening as a state of active, momentary perception. By performing the kōan-like scores, each visitor enters into a direct dialogue with the speculative property on Adalbertstraße 9, exploring the all-embracing interconnectedness of space + place + time + community + self. 
OPERATION DEEP LISTENING focuses on the intelligence of the own body as the fundamental creation tool. Back in time when we were hunters and gatherers: we used to listen for survival. Today: our listening is a form of sustainable activism.