E G G / J A J E

The following 20 min. radio piece has been created for Ars Acoustica (HRT-Croatian national radio) to be released in 2020.

It is called JAJE (= egg) and came out as an intuitive reflection in my mother tongue (Serbo-Croatian) about my mother tongues (Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian). This might or might not be an attempt to pacify a somewhat schizophrenic condition.                                                                                            As a base I have used the verb biti (= to be). Through combinations of empty / silent space, different forms of the verb, of personal pronouns and eventually singular letters, there came out an acoustic, lingual shape transcending language. It is not obliged by any content nor meaning which is outside of it's essential nature to just be. JAJE is one of the possible adaptations of the score and will be performed live, either solo or by a reading choir made of a variety of differently shaped voices and accents. Each new interpretation is engaging with the current atmosphere in which it is being performed.