I N S P I R I T   breathing composition  / Atemkomposition für ein Trio
by Ira Hadžić
with Christina Hug and Nikolai Meinhold
Broadcast on SWR2, Art's Birthday 2021

Breathing as a (r)evolutionary act? When millions of recurring moments make all the difference ... Today, the relationship between humans and their breath is undergoing a radical transformation. In the audio piece we are experiencing the breath - the flow, the transience, the limits, the need, the essence. An homage to art, to life.


freq_wave is a sound installation comprised of 12 individual sound works each utilizing and limited to a specific frequency range and amplified to act as a single, generative sound space. It is being supervised and mixed by the Swedish artist and curator CM von Hausswolff. Each artist is assigned a frequency range with which to work:

50-60 Hz – Georges Cremaschi CZCR double bass
60-75 Hz – DARK MORPH (CM von Hausswolff / Jón Þór „Jónsi“ Birgisson) electronics
75-90 Hz – Barry Wan CZCR electronics
90-140 Hz – Polina Khatsenka CZCR electronics (electromagnetic fields)
140-180 Hz – Andrew Pekler DESWR processed fieldrecording
180-250 Hz – Vincent Pongracz ATORF clarinet
250-350 Hz – Audrey Chen DEDKU voice
350-500 Hz – Ira Hadžić DESWR voice
500-1000 Hz – Stine Janvin DEDKU voice
1000-2000 Hz – Jacque Demierre CHRTS Piano
2000-5000 Hz – Johan Hyttnäs SESR time code signal (as audio)
5000-12000 Hz – Bojana Šaljić Podešva SIRTVS computer